After defeating the Necromancer and leaving Brianthorne town, the PC's travel towards Gilead. They fight a group of mermaids and discover a riddle hungry magical elevator belonging to Gareth, King of Goblins. The elevator materialises them outside the NE gate of Gilead.

The characters enter the town, speak to Lord and Headmaster, start their guild house, participate in the PotO story, then head to Arkhosia.

At The GatesEdit

As you make it to the North East gate of Gilead, you are met by a group of 11 guards, accompanied by 2 Iron wagons. 

"Captain Ward?" the front most guard announces.

Captain Ward and the guard walk off to the side and have a discussion in an official, but quiet tone.

"Bring them in" the guard announces, prompting the other guards to advance towards you, some with shackles in hand, others with swords raised.

-----------PC's Choice---------------

No Fight -  You are each shackled and escorted into the iron wagons. Each wagon, while having no windows, are curiously luminous inside, thus allowing you to see one another still.

The Lords ChamberEdit

The wagon eventually stops, after several minutes of mumbled talking from outside, the doors are then opened, revealing a large, dark stone room. You exit the Wagon

several guards remove your shackles and leave through a large gateway, taking the wagons with them. The unmistakable noise of a door being locked echoes through the room.

At the opposite end of the room is a large wooden door, ornate in design.

Upon Entering Room-----------

You open the unexpectedly light door to reveal another stone room, contained within is a solitairy desk, behind which Lord Aeon is sitting

"Welcome back, it appears you have made some new... Friends"