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The Elvedrin grew from the seeds of the Great Tree Yggdrisil, being spawned from nature they were very much in tune with it, knowing innately how to live with it in peace and harmony.

After five thousand years of peace, unrest was begining to spread within the Elvedrin. This caused them to split into two groups:

The Elves - who believed it was their duty, as servants to the Great Tree, to protect Yggdrasil so no ousiders may so much as lay eyes on it. 

The Eladrin - who wished to take their place in the world, share their power and knowledge with the lesser species in the hopes of creating a better world for all creatures.

The Eladrin left the Tree, knowing they could never return to their homeland, and created a new home to the West. While the Elves remained stagnant in their great forest, guarding Yggdrisil.

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