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The Ancient Dwarves were born of the loose stones found in the Great Forge of Aggregor. These Dwarves were made of rock, with gold flowing through their veins.

Their numbers to begin with were few, consisting merely of 11. 

Not knowing anything else of the world, they started mining, innately knowing already how to create tools, smelt, and how to mine. After a thousand years of mining, the 11 Ancient Dwarves made a mistake that would effect them forever.

They were mining near the surface, and one pick in the wrong spot caused the roof to collapse, exposing the Ancient Dwarves to the sunlight, something they had never seen before.

The second the light touched them, their stone skin paled and soften, the blood in their veins turned from golden to red, their hair turned from silver iron, to browns and reds of common day dwarves.

These 11 Ancient Dwarves are the origins of all common day Dwarves

The Forges location was lost to history, but Dwarves to this day dig down to search for it, to return to their creator

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